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Master students who apply for a master programme may apply for 1 semester only!


Personal Data

!! country code + airea code + phone number - eg. +43 650 754354

Home Address

Emergency Contact

!! country code + airea code + phone number - eg. +43 650 754354

Medical Issue / Disability

Home University

This need to be a member of your "International Office" / ERASMUS department and who will sign your nomination - not just a professors name!

Language level: German / English

ID / Passport

Residence Permit - ID / Passport / Insurance

These data are required to apply for a (special) recidence permit. This is a must for every EU citizen, who stays longer in Austria than 4 month. (law - 2006). You will learn more about this in the introduction.

Joint Study students have to fill in their ID data as these are required for their VISA-INVITATION letter! All the others feel free to fill in the ID and Insurance data now. It will save time for you in Innsbruck.

Data Protection (EU-DSVGO):

By clicking the send button below, you are informed that we process your indicated data digital and store them in our iww-data base on a secure university server. We forward these data to members of your university and the University of Innsbruck in the frame of your exchange administration (eg. nomination). We do not pass your data to a thired party, except in case of a real emergency (accident, hospital) and only data which are urgently needed.


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