Application for Admission

 How to Apply
 Required Documents

Procedure & Online Application Form

Winter semester   August 15th
Summer semester   January 15th

  Because of the housing situation, please be aware of booking rooms in a student house early enough
     as August and January might be MUCH too late!

  Please be aware of your home coordinator's absence / university holiday, as she/he has to sign your
     nomination form.

  Application documents which arrive after the deadline will not be accepted!

The Application for Admission is an official application to study at Innsbruck School of Management. In order to avoid any problems, we kindly ask you to take note of the following points - below you will find the link to the online application form:

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HOW TO APPLY at the IWW-Office (International Economics and Business Studies):
Only for BUSINESS / ECONOMICS Incoming Exchange students!

  1. Make sure that you are nominated as an ERASMUS / LLL / JOINT STUDY student for Innsbruck School of Management (University of Innsbruck) and that your institution has an agreement with the IWW-Office.
    Some departments (Business & Economics) at Innsbruck University have a special agreement with the IWW-Office, which means that their Incoming Exchange students are allowed to apply at the IWW-Office as well - therefore you will find different coordinators in the partner institution list below.

If your institution have an contract with the faculty Innsbruck School of Management  but is not listed in the online form, please send an e-mail by introducing yourself (university, program, home coordinator, which semester you want to come, etc) to:


2. Fill in the online application form

Before you fill in the online application form, please make sure that you have prepared the following data, otherwise it is not possible to send the form!

  • Current study programme (Undergraduate/Master) - if you want to apply for a Master, please read the  Master Information first!
  • ECTS completed by the end of the semester before your exchange semester in Innsbruck starts (if you are from overseas and your university does not offer ECTS credits, please fill in "1".)
    - if you apply for "Internationale Wirtschaftswissenschaften" - fill in the ECTS you reach in your bachelor program so far
    - if you apply for a "master" program - fill in the ECTS you reach in your master program so far.
  • First & Family name: Make sure that you have your passport/ID ready as you need to fill in exactly all the names from your passport or ID. In case of incorrectness -  processing the documents will lead to delays.
  • Years of study completed in your program before you come to Innsbruck
  • Are you an EU (European Union) citizen?
  • Do you need to apply for a VISA? (Please, note that in your country the visa agreement  might take a while)
  • Permanent address
  • Permanent e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Telephone number in case of emergency
  • Medical issue / need doctor / Disability: Please specify if you have any medical issue / disability and say how it might affect your studies
  • Check if you have been admitted to an Austrian University before? If yes, your Austrian University registration number (Matrikelnummer) is required which is still the same!
  • Number of semesters you want to stay in Innsbruck (max. 2 - master students max 1 semester!) - WS=winter semester / SS=summer semester
  • Intended beginning of studies in Innsbruck (year)
  • Date and place of your graduation from Secondary School - leaving certificate (Abitur, Matura)
  • Date of admission at your home university (month and year)
  • Full name of your home coordinator (this should be a name / member from the international/erasmus department of your homeinstitution)
  • E-mail address of your home coordinator (we will send the nomination to this email address)
  • Your German language skills: mother tongue, very good, good, little, no German
  • German level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • If you seriously want to attend a German language course: "yes" - othwerwise "no"
  • Your English language skills: mother tongue, very good, good, little, no English
  • English level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Insurance, Passport datas:
The data below are required to apply for a special residence permit which is compulsory for every EU and Swiss citizen staying for more than 4 months. You will learn more about it in the introduction and orientation days.
Students who need to apply for a visa, should fill in the passport and insurance fields that we can send them an invitation letter with the datas for their visa application. All the others, please feel free to fill in the data in the application form which saves time for you in Innsbruck or provide these data to us in Innsbruck/Austria:

  • Passport or identity card number
  • Passport or identity card valid from/until
  • Office of issue
  • Insurance (for your stay in Innsbruck)
  • Health insurance number
  • Health insurance company

Health insurance: Please make sure that your insurance covers risks (skiing, hiking, rescue transportation, etc.) abroad over the whole period of your stay!

3. After clicking the SEND button you will receive an e-mail that we have received your datas

4. We check your datas and will send you a further email with an attached PDF file (ApplicationForAdmissionEX.pdf) with your completed application form and other usefull information about the application procedure within 3 working days).
(You will only receive the document "Application for Admission" and the nomination document after you have completed the online (application) form.

Simutaniouly with this email we will send the nomination form to your indicated coordinator. Your coordinator has to signe and stamp the nominatin. After completing the nomination your coordinator has to send the nomination to your indicated email address.

5. Print the PAGE "Application for Admission" from the attached PDF, check it (in case make corrections), sign the "Application of Admission"!

6. You have to send us the following 5 (6) documents:
1. Application for Admission
2. Nomination
3. CV
4. ID
5. Passport picture of you
6. Transcript of Records (Master student only)

7. You have to scan each documents as a single file and send it in one go via email to
    - only PDF scans will be accepted
    - the foto can be sent as PDF or jpeg
    - do not send a zip file or a link for downloading the files
    - the files all together should not be bigger than 8 MB
    - send all files in one email in one go


Please specify the files as follows:

  • Nomination.PDF
  • CV.PDF
  • Application for admission.PDF
  • ID.PDF
  • Master students: Transcript.PDF
  • Foto.PDF or Foto.jpeg
9. Send ALL required documents by email (one email - BUT each file as a PDF - no zip files or downloadlink )
10. As soon as we receive ALL your documents in one email mentioned on the application form, we (IWW-Office) will inform you by e-mail.
11. After a while  you will receive the ACCEPTANCE LETTER (Mitteilung) from the admission office.  The admission office starts issuing the acceptance letter: WS August/September / SS: January
12. You will find all this and other important information in the information pdf which we will send you after we received your online application datas!

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Application for Admission
Which you will find in the PDF file  (ApplicationForAdmissionEX.pdf) which will be sent to you after you did online application.
1 Photo   Passport size scanned as a PDF or Image file 
  The photo will be made public and is required

The form fill be sent to your coordiantor. Coordiantor has to signe and stamp the form and send it completed to you by emial
Please make sure that your coordinator is available (holiday season)

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Minimum 1 page / maximum 2 pages - in German or English
Quality: a proper CV, like you would apply for a job! 
Do not use forms like "europass", etc. - create your own CV
Passport or ID
a readable scan of your passport or ID with which you come to Austria
Academic Transcript of Records & course description (Master)
  only if you apply for a Master Programme
  if you apply for a Master Programme, please read the  Master Information  first 


  do not send any other documents as required 

DEADLINES to send:

Deadline for Documents:

Winter semester   August 15th
Summer semester   January 15th

Application documents which arrive after the deadline will not be accepted!

WHERE to send:


Please take note of these points mentioned above, otherwise your application will not be forwarded to the admission office!

 I do agree to the terms mentioned above and want to fill in the ONLINE application form

I do not agree


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