Flexible Office Project

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Ronald Maier
Project participants: Stefan Thalmann and Florian Bayer
Funding period: 2005 - ongoing


Brief description

Even though knowledge management has been around for more than a decade, so far concrete instruments that can be systematically deployed are still rare. In this project, an optimization solution has been developed which is targeted at flexible management of office space considering knowledge management criteria in order to enhance knowledge work productivity. Flexible Office consists of a conceptual model and an optimization solution. A corresponding prototype has been field-tested, successfully introduced, evaluated with the help of a series of interviews with users and improved according to their requirements. The project also reflects on the organizational impact and lessons learned from field test and practical experience.


Maier, R; Thalmann, S.; Bayer, F.; Krüger, M.; Nitz, H.; Sandow, A.: Flexible Office: Assignment of Office Space to Enhance Knowledge Work Productivity. To appear in: Maurer, H. et al. (Eds.): 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management. Verlag der Technischen Universitaet Graz, Graz 2007t