Brief introduction to the history of the integrated diploma for the studies of Italian Law at the University of Innsbruck

The study of Italian law at the Leopold-Franzens-University (LFU) Innsbruck can look back on a long tradition. Already in 1971 Innsbruck University in partnership with Padua University introduced a curriculum for Italian Law. This initiative met the need of a bilingual German-Italian education for South Tyrolean law students. At its onset the program was offered in form of “irregular studies” . Starting with the 1986/87 academic year, the program has been referred to as "Integrated Diploma in Legal Studies at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Padua," . From a legal point of view this Diploma is based on a bilateral treaty between the Republic of Austria and the Italian Republic dated October 20th, 1982 and a following respective agreement between both Universities. The degree with the academic title “mag iur” is officially recognized as “laurea in giurisprudenza” in Italy.

From the academic year 2012/2013 on is a joint „PhD program in Italian Law“ (double degree) between Innsbruck and Padua University introduced. After the completion of the three-year Phd program two academic degrees will be awarded: Doctor of Philosphy PhD by the LFU Innsbruck and „Dottore di ricerca“ by Padua University.

Various departments belonging to the legal faculties at both universities have been responsible for the organization and execution of the tasks related to the program. Part of this process was the creation of additional teaching positions for Italian Law, in particularl the chair of Italian and Comparative Law as well as the institutionalization of the cooperation by creating a joint entity for Italian Law in 1990.

The cooperation between the two faculties to carry out the studies of Italian Law remained in place even after the abolition of the legal basis for joint department facilities by the UOG 1993 (law governing the organization of the universities). On January 1st, 2006 in the course of the implementation of the UG 2002 (Austrian University Law 2002) and after extensive discussions with partly differing opinions about the ideal institutional structure, the Department for Italian Law was created as part of the Faculty for Legal Studies. All personnel and technical resources were transferred from the various departments to the newly created department. The studieninfo.koordination.italienisches recht has been providing outstanding assistance during this transitional phase.

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