Professor Juan Pablo MURGA FERNÁNDEZ

Juan Pablo MURGA FERNÁNDEZ (Universidad de Sevilla) - LFUI Guest Professor
Juan Pablo Murga Fernandez
Bild: Juan Pablo Murga Fernández

Im Januar und Juni 2019 ist Herr Professor Juan Pablo MURGA FERNÁNDEZ (Universidad de Sevilla) als  LFUI Guest Professor am Institut für Italienisches Recht zu Gast.

Professor Murga Fernández wird während seines Aufenthalts einen Vorlesungszyklus zum Thema „Property from a Comparative Perspective. The transfer of goods from a European comparative perspective" halten.


The requirements that have to be met in order to transfer property of goods are regarded as the backbone of patrimonial private law. Whereas in some legal systems the delivery of goods is required, in others the underlying contract itself transfers the title. Moreover, while the causal systems require a valid contract or obligation, in other legal systems the principle of abstraction prevails. The aim of the presentation is to analyze these main systems for the transfer of goods from a European comparative perspective, in order to highlight their advantages and disadvantages.


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