Steven van Andel

Name: Dr. Steven van Andel


Phone number: (+43) 0512 507 45846

Office location: HG-118

Tutorial hours: Appointments available during office hours, arranged by email.

Address: Fürstenweg 189, Main building

Faculty: Sports Science


Research group: Neurophysiology

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About the person:

Steven van Andel, born 1989 in the Netherlands, studied Human Movement Science (BSc and MSc) at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He graduated with a master thesis on the coordination and control of movement in catching flyballs (i.e. the baseball outfielder problem). Steven continued to do his doctoral studies at the Australian Catholic University in Brisbane, Australia, under supervision of Associate Professor Dr. Gert-Jan Pepping and Dr.  Michael Cole. There, Steven did research describing the control of movement as people approach and step onto a kerb, finding similarities between kerb-approaches and long jump approaches. In these studies, Steven investigated differences in kerb-approaches relating to different levels of falls risk, finding important implications for falls prevention and gerontology. During his time in Australia, Steven gained experience teaching motor learning and skill acquisition, aimed at applications in clinical as well as high performance sport settings. In 2020, Steven joined the Neurophysiology research group at Universität Innsbruck as a postdoctoral scholar. Here, he aims to further investigate the perceptual-motor control of walking and the influence of the environment on whole-body coordination.

Research interests:

Perceptual-motor control and whole-body coordination

What from our environment do we need to take in to successfully guide our action? How do we coordinate our movement system to basically overcome any movement problem? How does this change with age, development, skill level or injury?


Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition

What is the most effective way to learn new motor skills? Can we use knowledge developed in sport science to also improve motor learning in other fields (e.g. rehabilitation, healthy ageing)?


Teaching at the Institute for Sports Science in Innsbruck (ongoing):

UE Neurophysiologische Messmethoden: motor control

UE Neurophysiologische Messmethoden: EMG

SE Problemanalyse und Forschung in der Neurophysiologie

VO Aktuelle Forschung in der Neurophysiologie

VO Spezifische Aspekte in der Anatomie

Full publications:


Highlighted publications:

Andel, S. van, Cole, M. H., and Pepping, G. (2017). A systematic review on perceptual-motor calibration to changes in action capabilities. Hum. Mov. Sci. 51, 59–71. doi:10.1016/j.humov.2016.11.004

Andel, S. van, Cole, M. H., and Pepping, G. (2018). Regulation of locomotor pointing across the lifespan: Investigating age-related influences on perceptual-motor coupling. PLoS One 13, e0200244.

Andel, S. van, McGuckian, T. B., Chalkley, D., Cole, M. H., and Pepping, G. (2019). Principles of the Guidance of Exploration for Orientation and Specification of Action. Front. Behav. Neurosci. 13, 1–11. doi:10.3389/FNBEH.2019.00231.

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