Study counseling

Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Sports Science and our education. The Institute of Sports Science (ISW) is an institute of the Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science at the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck and offers a number of different study options.

Studies at our institute are open to anyone who fulfills the general requirements for admission to a higher education program at an Austrian university (Maturity or University Entrance Examination) and who positively passes a versatile practical entrance exam at the beginning of the sports studies program.

For the admission of students to study at the University of Innsbruck please get informed at the

Study Department
Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innrain 52

The entrance exam is offered annually, before the beginning of each semester in February and September.

Once a student or visiting student has obtained the right to study at our institute, all lectures, practical courses, proseminars and seminars are open to them. In the case of seminars and advanced internships, the same entry criteria (completion of certain main courses or the preceding internship) apply to visiting students as to those students who complete the entire program of studies at our institute.

The winter semester at the University of Innsbruck lasts from approx. 01/10 to 31/01 of the following year; the summer semester from approx. 01/03 to 01/07. As a rule, all examinations for lectures and practical courses take place in the first and last two weeks of each semester. Attendance is compulsory for practical courses, proseminars and seminars. 

We hope you find this information useful. 

Contact persons for our study programs:

Bachelor's degree in sports science: Schindelwig Kurt , Dr.
Bachelor's degree in Sports Management: Schnitzer Martin, Dr.
Bachelor's degree and master's or diploma degree in teacher education: Kischner Werner, Dr.
Master's degree in sports science: Faulhaber Martin, Assoz. Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Doctorate in sports science: Federolf Peter, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Coordination of the entire range of courses: Justin Lawley

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