FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


  • Is the entrance exam an entry examination?



  • What do I need for the Medical confirmation for the entrance exam?


  • How long is a passed entrance exam valid?
    • A positive entrance exam remains valid for 1 year.
      I.e. you must enroll in a sports science program within 2 semesters.


  • What should I do if I have not passed the entrance exam?
    • Enrolment in another field of study is necessary, then (exclusively) lectures with the designation VO, which have no enrolment requirements, can be attended and examinations taken which, after passing the entrance exam, can be credited for the enrolled program of study in sports science. A sports science program can only be enrolled if the entrance exam has been passed!


  • Are foreign entrance examinations recognised?
    • Only entrance exams from other Austrian universities are recognised. A change of study location between Austrian sports science institutions is possible under the following conditions: 
      1. courses with at least 7.5 ECTS were positively completed at the first location
      2. at least two courses from the field of sports practice were positively completed at the first location
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