Entrance Exam

Entrance exam for sports science studies (bachelor, teaching degree) at the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Innsbruck


NEWS about the registration and the procedure of the entrance exam in February 2021 (Stand December 7, 2020)

The registration requirements, test manuals, sample videos, and limits for the February 2021 entrance exam (EE) will be updated by the start of the registration period on December 7 and will not be valid until that date. 

Dates: February 15-18, 2021
Location: Institute for Sports Science, Fürstenweg 185, 6020 Innsbruck
Registration period: December 7, 2020 - January 13, 2021


Corona-related adjustment of the entrance exam

The entrance exam for the bachelor's degree program in sports science, sports management, and physical education and sports will be offered in February 2021 in a modified form on 4 individual days due to Corona conditions.

The SE is conducted for the applicants (in groups of up to 60 persons) on a single day in each case between 8:00 and 20:00. The assignment of the applicants to the respective examination day takes place after the registration deadline and will be communicated in writing by the beginning of February.

Attention: For some skill tests (gymnastics and swimming men, gymnastics men / women, volleyball men / women) the examination conditions have changed compared to the last SE. Gymnastics and Volleyball exams must be submitted in the form of self-filmed videos by January 13, 2021. Please see the current manuals and limits for exact information. 

Information on current closures of sports facilities: Due to Covid 19-related security measures, many sports facilities (e.g. indoor swimming pools) are currently inaccessible to non-professional athletes. We are aware that this will limit training conditions for the February entrance exam. However, we expect that the sports facilities will be reopened in January and that candidates will be able to complete their preparation for the exam. Thus, testing limits will remain unchanged from the September 2020 exam. Nevertheless, we are continually re-evaluating Covid-19-related security measures and will respond accordingly should the sports venues continue to be closed extensively in January.

Important Dates

Next date for the entrance exam: February 15-18, 2021

All information on this website is now up to date and related to the SE in February 2021.

The SEs are offered in February and September.

Partial crediting of achievements in the school-leaving examination of schools with a sports focus ("Gymnasium mit schulautonomer Schwerpunktsetzung - Sportgymnasium") for limits of the entrance exam are not possible.



Registration Period: December 7, 2020 - January 13, 2021
ATTENTION: Late registrations will NOT be considered without exception!

Prerequisite for registration for the SE

Registration is mandatory even if you passed the basic test in September 2020!

Registrations are done via an Excel template to the following email address: Anmeldung-EP-ISW@uibk.ac.at


Procedure for entrance exam - Attention: New from February 2021

The following information must be observed:


Safety instructions

The following safety instruction must be attended by all students at the Institute of Sport Science.


The Enrollment/Admission to the Bachelor's degree programs in physical education and sport, sport science and sport management is after passing the entrance exam (15-18/02/2021) and it is still possible before the end of the extension period (30/04/2021) during the Summer Semester 2021.

It is desirable that the Enrollment is done immediately after passing the entrance exam, in order to be able to register for numerous courses of the summer semester in VIS-Online in time.

It is possible to enroll in a field of study of sports only by passing the entrance exam.
ATTENTION: For enrollment in the bachelor's degree program in physical education and sport, in addition to passing the entrance exam, the aptitude assessment procedure is required

A positive entrance exam remains valid for 1 year, (Example: Passed SE in September 2019 –> Possible start of studies in October 2019, March 2020, or September 2020)
A positive basic test remains valid for 1 semester, (Example: Passed basic test in September 2019 –> positive test valid in September 2019 and February 2020)

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