Information on the occupational profile of training therapy

I. Aim of training therapy by sports scientists

Training therapy by sports scientists includes the structural improvement of movement sequences and organ systems with the aim of enhancing coordination, strength, endurance and balance through systematic training in order to stabilise primary diseases and to treat secondary diseases in a complementary manner. The overriding goal is to prevent recurring diseases and the development of secondary diseases, maladaptations and chronicity.

II. Professional practice

The practice of training therapy is carried out in an employment relationship with - legal entities of a hospital - an institution that serves the prevention, detection or cure of diseases and is under medical management or supervision - freelance doctors, medical group practices - freelance physiotherapists and is subject to a medical order of the supervisory duty.

III. Job description

The qualification profile according to §1 of the Training Therapy Training Ordinance (TT-AV), BGBI. II No. 460/2012 includes the following activities: - General exercise training for health promotion (e.g. guided Nordic walking, walking groups, general build-up and performance training such as bicycle ergometer, treadmill, strength training) - Training therapy (strength training, endurance training also under O2 insufflation as well as ergometer training with and without body weight relief, respiratory therapy, pelvic floor training, gait training, training therapies supported by equipment such as e.g. Lokomat, biofeedback, respiratory muscle training, coordination muscle training, coordination muscle training). e.g. Lokomat, biofeedback, respiratory muscle training, coordination and balance training, training therapy in water - according to a doctor's order, performance diagnostics by lactate measurement via blood from the capillary (cf. §27 MABG, BGBI. I No. 89/2013, as amended). - Counselling/lectures/training on general health-promoting behaviour and training - Training therapy-related counselling

IV. General/individual accreditation & entry in the training therapy list

In order to be able to practice as a training therapist, a qualification certificate (accreditation) from the Federal Ministry of Health & Social Affairs is required. In addition to a medical certificate and an extract from the criminal record, individual or general accreditation is required. If you have completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree programme in sports science at the University of Innsbruck (completion of the practical training modules in accordance with the Training Therapy Training Ordinance TT-AV), you have the option of general accreditation. In the case of external study programmes with other curricula, there is an individual accreditation option. Individual applications are reviewed by the Training Therapy Advisory Board (meeting twice a year) and missing qualification certificates are requested.

The application for general or individual accreditation is submitted directly to the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.
Weitere Informationen zur Antragsstellung finden Sie auf der You can find more information on how to apply on the Website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
After application and verification, the entry is made in the training therapy list.

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