Informationen for the profession of exercise therapy


In order to work as an exercise therapist in a medical institution/ rehabilitation center in Austria, the following contents are recommended during the studies of sport science:


Bachelor’s Programme


Elective Module 1 (internship in exercise therapy and accompanying course) Compulsory modules 8, 9, 11, 12, 14 or a total of 140 ECTS are necessary in order to start this module. After completing the accompanying course, the internship in the field of orthopedics can be started (a total of 120 hours is mandatory)


Master’s Programme

Elective Module 3 (practical courses related to exercise therapy)

Elective Module 5 (internships in exercise therapy and accompanying courses) Compulsory modules 1 and 2 or 20 ECTS are necessary in order to start this module. After completing the accompanying courses, the internships in the field of internal diseases and in the field of neurology/psychosomatics can be started. A total of 120 hours for each internship is mandatory.


Master thesis

In order to transfer theoretical knowledge into the occupational field of exercise therapy, we encourage students to write a master thesis related to exercise therapy in the field of orthopedics, internal diseases or neurology/psychosomatics, preferably in cooperation with medical institutions that have been visited during the internships. Directly talk to your internship supervisors or visit the page of  master theses calls.



After completing the studies of sport science, an accreditation by the ministery of health and social services is needed in order to work as an exercise therapist. Therefore, you need to turn in your master certificate and other additional documents (e.g. criminal record, medical report).


Additional Information

Details about the accreditation process can be found at the health ministry website.

More information about the occupation as exercise therapist can be read here

If you have any questions related to exercise therapy, please contact  Linda Rausch.

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