Credits when changing study location

Excerpt from the study regulations

Upon request of the student, the director of studies will recognize examinations taken at another recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution, provided that they are equivalent to the examinations prescribed in the curriculum.

Whether an applicant can study (enroll) at the University of Innsbruck in principle must be clarified with the Admissions Office.


In order to be able to study sports science (teaching profession or a bachelor's degree program, e.g. health and competitive sports), the entrance exam must be passed positively: here.


After passing the entrance exam, equivalent courses that have already been positively completed at another university can be credited in the further course. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis and is only possible after enrollment for a degree program in sports science.

Only entrance exams from other Austrian universities are recognized, provided that at least one practical examination and at least 8 ECTS points have been positively passed at this Austrian university!

For students who have already completed the intermediate diploma in Germany, the aptitude test (entrance exam) is not absolutely necessary, the passed aptitude test from Germany can be recognized in case of equivalence.


Credits when transferring to a different curriculum


Examinition certificates are provided based on the study code which the student enters when registering for the examination and are only valid for that spesific study plan. For other study plans, these exams can be credited (if the course is equivalent or as a free elective). For this purpose, credit is given by notification or by oral announcement. No new transcript will be issued.

If a student is studying two baccalaureates at the same time, the study code of the major program in which the first degree is planned must be entered when registering for examinations. Note: When submitting for graduation, all transcripts must show the appropriate degree identification number. In most cases, "electronic crediting" via a course table (excel) is sufficient. However, the request for recognition of examinations must be signed by the student on the bachelor's examination record in the examination office.

If the deadline for the old study plan is exceeded (see confirmation of study by the University of Innsbruck with a note about the last possibility to graduate in the relevant study plan), students will automatically be transferred to the new study plan by the study department.


Formal guidelines

A request for recognition of examinations must be submitted to the person responsible for the study program. If all examinations to be recognized were taken at our institute (or at the SOWI Innsbruck), the completion of a recognition table (excel) makes the written completion of the recognition forms unnecessary.

For the teaching degree in Physical Education and Sport, the form is available at the ILS, the supplementary form for Physical Education and Sport is available at the ISW secretariat (also available as a digital file).

The following documents must be enclosed with the application: study sheet, original certificates and proof of academic achievement or copies of the examinations for which recognition is requested. Please number the courses in the order they appear on the application form.

The certificates will not be transcribed, but only credited. The crediting form signed by the responsible director of studies is available in the Examinations Office. If the credit is required for the scholarship office, tax office, etc., a copy of the application can be made upon request.

If the application has to be rejected, the student in question will be contacted.

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