ISW Equipment Lending with ISWLab

With the help of the "ISWLab" software, equipment reservations for student measurements can be carried out easily and clearly.

A one-time registration is necessary for this purpose.

When reserving the devices, the user receives details about the loan and return (opening hours) and also information about whether a device requires instruction. For repetitive measurements with larger equipment requirements, equipment groups can be created which simplify the reservation process. More information on this on IswLab Instructions.

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Instructions ISW lab


Registration at the ISW Lab can be done at
Browser compatibility: IE or MS Edge may cause difficulties, please use other browsers!

Enter data:
The following window, which must be filled in with your data, will open.

After registration, the following window opens:

Please, click on the link in the email and then register.

Book devices/groups

To make a reservation, select "Reservations" + Add in the menu.:

Alternatively, you can press the big circle on the start screen and you will be taken directly to the reservation):


Select "+ unit" or "+ unit group" (see below):

Mark the required units in the selection list and press "Add":

If a selected device requires a laptop, this can be selected directly (e.g. "Laptop 9"):

Press "Next" when all units are selected:

Now you can select the date/the lending time. In the calendar, the days where there is an overlap are marked in red
(detailed information can be obtained by moving the mouse pointer into the respective circle).


Click in the "From" field and then select date/time:

Similarly, click in the "To" field and then select the date/time.
 If date/time ok click on "Next":
Now a comment can be entered about what the measurement is about:
If set by the room administrator, a note on unit collection will now appear:
The reservation now appears in the "Own reservations" window


Reserve equipment requiring instruction

The operation of some devices is associated with potential hazards for people and/or the device. For these devices
training is necessary. After the instruction has taken place, the Admin will
activate the device for loan.

Create device groups 

For measurements that require more equipment and are repeated more often, creating a group is more suitable:
In the menu item "Device groups", select "Add" in the top right-hand corner.
Select a name for the group (e.g. "GGW Study").
 Click on devices and select "Add devices":

Select devices from the device list:
 The group now appears in the Device groups menu under "My groups" in "All groups".
All groups created by MA.

Instructions as PDF (download 1MB)

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