Schwerpunkt Ionen- und Plasmaphysik / Angewandte Physik - Meeting 2006

Saturday, 02.12.2006

Hörsaal G


The meeting is the first of its kind and will give an overview about the ongoing research in the center of excellence. Common interests and problems should be revealed and trigger collaborations between the research groups.

Registration information

We kindly ask the students from all research groups to give short oral presentations (approx. 10 minutes) on their present work, i.e. their diploma or doctoral theses. One presentation from each research group should give a brief overview about the ongoing and future projects. Depending on the number of talks, senior scientists may give a talk on their research topics, if they are not covered by the talks from the students.

In a convenient ambiance we will then have plenty of time to discuss common fields of interest and future collaborations while enjoying some snacks and drinks.

The registration is closed. For post-deadline registration please contact directly Philipp Sulzer

Organisation team

For further questions and comments please contact the organizers

Philipp Sulzer ( (chair)

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