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Further Activities

Invited talks at the following conferences:

  • Scheier, P.: Electron-driven damage to biomolecular systems.
    2nd International Workshop on Electrostatic Storage Devices, Stockholm, 17.06.2007 - 21.06.2007.
  • Zappa, F.: Electron-molecule interactions inside helium droplets.
    Conference on Electron Induced Processes At the Molecular Level (EIPAM 07), Hveragerdi, 25.05.2007 - 29.05.2007.
  • Scheier, P.: Dissociative electron attachment to biomolecules: from gas phase to complex nanodroplets.
    25th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry, Buxton, 14.04.2007 - 19.04.2007.
  • Scheier, P.: Inelastic interaction of free electrons with pristine and doped rare gas clusters.
    Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (DPG) 2007, Düsseldorf, 19.03.2007 - 23.03.2007.
  • Märk, T.D.: Electrons and Biomolecules.
    Symposium on Size Selected Clusters (S3C) 2007, Brand, 12.03.2007 - 16.03.2007.
  • Märk, T.D.: Electron Impact Ionization/Dissociation of Molecules: Production of Energetic Radical Ions and Anions.
    5th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing, Belgrad, 07.03.2007 - 09.03.2007.
  • Scheier, P.: Bond and Site Selective Fragmentation upon Dissociative Electron Attachment.
    Conference "Much Ado About Ions!", Black Creek Pioneer Village, 13.10.2006 - 14.10.2006.
  • Scheier, P.: Formation and stability of anions upon free electron attachment to biomolecules in the gas phase and embedded in superfluid helium droplets.
    Second Annual Meeting of ESF Research Networking Programme on Electron Induced Processing at the Molecular Level (EIPAM Meeting 2006), Valletta, 16.09.2006 - 20.09.2006.
  • Denifl, S.: Site-selective fragmentation of molecules induced by electron attachment.
    International Symposium "Scattering, Coincidence and Absorption Studies of Molecules (SCASM)", Rio de Janeiro, 04.09.2006 - 06.09.2006.
  • Denifl, S.: Electron impact ionization mass spectrometry of nucleobases embedded in cold helium droplets.
    1st Annual ITS LEIF Meeting, Sonderborg, 07.07.2006 - 12.07.2006.
  • Märk, T.D.: Electron driven processes in molecules of biological relevance: bond, site, energy and state selectivity.
    ESF-FWF Conference "Biomolecules - From Gas Phase Properties to Reactions relevant in Living Cells", Obergurgl, 24.06.2006 - 29.06.2006.
  • Scheier, P.: Site Selective Bond Cleavage Upon Dissociative Electron Attachment - A Tool to Control Chemical Reactions.
    37th Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) 2006, Knoxville, TN, 16.05.2006 - 20.05.2006.
  • Scheier, P.: Bond and site selective fragmentation upon dissociative electron attachment.
    231st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Atlanta, 26.03.2006 - 30.03.2006.
  • Zappa, F.; Ptasinska, S.; Denifl, S.; Grill, V.; Scheier, P.; Märk, T.D.: Site selectivity in dissociative free-electron attachment to gas phase nucleobases.
    15th Symposium on Atomic and Surface Physics and Related Topics (SASP 2006), Obergurgl, 04.02.2006 - 09.02.2006.
  • Eden, S.; Tabet, J.; Ouaskit, S.; Farizon, B.; Farizon, M.; Scheier, P.; Märk, T.D.: Ionization of water and biomolecules: by protons in the bragg peak energy range : separation of direct ionization and electron capture processes.
    15th Symposium on Atomic and Surface Physics and Related Topics (SASP 2006), Obergurgl, 04.02.2006 - 09.02.2006.
  • Zappa, F.: Electron attachment to molecules of biological relevance.
    58th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC 2005), San Jose, California, 16.10.2005 - 20.10.2005.
  • Scheier, P.: Isotope and site labeling for the identifidaction of resonances in dissociative electron attachment to biomolecules.
    52nd Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society (RRS), Denver, Colorado, 16.10.2005 - 19.10.2005.
  • Alpbach Tiroltag 
  • Ptasinska, S.; Denifl, S.; Mroz, B.; Probst, M.; Illenberger, E.; Märk, T.D.; Scheier, P.: The use of isotope and site labeling for the identification of DEA peaks in biomolecules.
    14th International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms (EMS 2005), Campinas, SP, 27.07.2005 - 30.07.2005.  

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