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Prof. Eugen Illenberger
Institut für Chemie / Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie
Freie Universität Berlin
Takustr. 3, D-14195 Berlin
Tel. +49-30-838-55350/55360
Fax +49-30-838-56612
The existing collaboration with Prof. Illenberger concerning electron attachment studies of gas phase molecules with high electron energy resolution will be continued and with his time of flight technique he can probe the kinetic energy that is released in an inelastic electron molecule interaction with high electron energy resolution. These measurements complement the results that will be obtained via MIKE scans in the presently proposed studies.

Prof. Nigel Mason
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
Tel. +44 1908 655132
Fax: +44 1908 658273
Besides beeing the coordinator of several European networks on biomolecules that include Innsbruck as a node Prof. Mason is also frequently visiting the Institut für Ionenphysik. Further participation in our experiments of people from his group are planned. The development of a source to vaporize complex neutral biomolecules with minimal thermal heating is of interest for all participants of the European networks.

Prof. Stefan Matejcik
Department of Plasma Physics
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina F2
84248 BRATISLAVA, Slovakia
Tel. + 421-2-60295686
Fax: + 421-2-65429980
The active exchange of students between Bratislava and Innsbruck will continue and Prof. Matejcik will perform complementary studies concerning positive and negative ion formation upon high energy resolution electron interactions with biologically relevant molecules. As a frequent visitor he will support the data evaluation and the presentation of the results.

Prof. Olof Echt
Department of Physics
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824-3568, USA
Tel. (603) 862-3548
Fax: (603) 862-2998
In collaboration with Prof. Echt the stability of molecular and cluster ions of biological relevance will be studied. He knows the experimental techniques that will be used in the presently proposed project and will contribute to the analysis and publication of the data.