Scanning Tunneling Microscope / Atomic Force Microscope

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Maximum size of images 17500nm x 17500nm
Resolution of the images: atomic, if tip is ok
Tip type: Platinum/Iridium for STM, Needle Sensor with piezo for AFM
Sputter Source
Type of Sputter-Target: Silicon 99.999%
Diameter of Sputter-Target: 5cm
Maximum power of sputter source: 1000Watts DC / 400Watts RF
Distance to sample: 33cm
Sputter gas: Argon
Pressure regime for sputtering: 10-2 - 10-1 mbar
Typical experiments
Growth of silicon films on HOPG
Scanning tunneling lithography
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy

Recent publications from this experiment

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Diploma and PhD thesis from this experiment

  • Michaela Hager (PhD - ongoing)
  • Michaela Hager (Diploma - 2009)
  • Radula Stijepovic (Diploma - 2009)
  • Stefan Jaksch (PhD - 2009)
  • Stefan Jaksch (Diploma - 2006)
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