trochoidal electron monochromator instrument


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Maximum massresolution: 300
Maximum massrange with standard HQ-head: 250 Thomson
Detectors: Channeltron type SEM
Ionsource: trochoidal electron monochromator
Maximum electron current: 5 nA
Electron energy range: 0-1000 eV
Electron energy resolution: FWHM>30 meV
Maximum ion intensity: 1 MHz
Range of charge states of the ions: -1 to +4
Sample inlet systems
Supersonic expansion cluster source: T>15K
Effusive gas inlet into the ion source:
Oven: vaporization of solids (T<1200K)
Typical experiments
Electron attachment studies:
Determination of ionization energies:
Negative ion efficiency curves:

Recent publications from this experiment

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Diploma and PhD thesis from this experiment

  • Bernhard Rittenschober (Diploma - ongoing)
  • Masoomeh Mahmoodi-Darian (PhD - ongoing)
  • Juraj Fedor (PhD - 2006)
  • Bruno Coupier (PhD - 2005)
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