Institutsseminare SoSe 2012

Datum   Referent/in     Thema
27.06.2012   Dr. Kathrin Breuker  


 Structure, folding, and dissociation of gaseous biomolecules 

 20.06.2012    Mag. Mag. Paul Bader  


 Temporal and place pitch percepts for Cochlear Implant users 


 21.03.2012    Dr. Ralf Zimmermann  


Photoionisation Mass Spectrometry with Lasers and incoherent VUV light sources




Dr. Georg Strauss; 

Dr. Hans Pulker

  Thin Film Technology



  Dr. Roman Schrittwieser   Electric and Magnetic Probe Measurements in the Scrape-Off Layer (SOL) of ASDEX Upgrade