Junior Research Group

Computational Molecular Physics

Welcome to the homepage of AG Computational Molecular Physics.

Autumn 2017, from left to right: Stefan E. Huber, Andreas Mauracher, Daniel Süß

Computational chemistry is represented at the Institute for Ion Physics and Applied Physics since 1999 when ao. Univ.-Prof. Michael Probst joined the institute and founded the working group (German: Arbeitsgruppe, in short AG) AG Computational Chemistry (CC). The aim of AG CC is to investigate the behaviour of solids, clusters and molecules via computer modelling. Ever since, Prof. Probst supervised many students, among them Andreas Mauracher (Dr. in 2009) and Stefan E. Huber (PhD in 2014).

After extended stays abroad of both, Dr. Mauracher and Dr. Huber, in Sweden and Germany, they returned to Innsbruck to work here as PostDocs. Although working on different projects, they could manage to free some time which they dedicated to common research problems resulting in independent publications.

In 2017, Andreas Mauracher received his Venia Docendi in the field of molecular physics and on the basis of a FWF Stand Alone Grant the Junior Research Group Computational Molecular Physics was established in summer 2017.