The article “Media coverage of firms in the presence of multiple signals: A configurational approach” by Kerstin Neumann (together with Emanuele Bettinazzi, Anne Jacqueminet, and Peter Snoeren) was accepted for publication at the Academy of Management Journal. For further information click here

RReinhard Bachmannesearch Talk

We invite you to the research talk by Prof. Reinhard Bachmann, University of London, on “Trust and Institutions”. For more information click here.

When: Wednesday March 29, 2023; 12.00-13.30
Where: SR 15, SOWI


Kerstin Neumann is co-editing (together with Kees Boersma, Israel Drori, Yiannis Kyratsis, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut; Roy Suddaby, and Eero Vara, a Special Issue in the Academy of Management Perspectives on “Grand Challenges and the Rhetoric of Collective Action”. For further information click here


Kerstin Neumann is co-organizing (together with Israel Drori and Yiannis Kyratsis) a subtheme on “Grand Challenges and the Rhetoric of Collective Action” at the 2023 annual EGOS conference, taking place in early July in Cagliari, Italy.  For further information click here

Research Talk

We invite you to the research talk by Prof. Valentina Carbone, ESCP Paris, on "Unpacking the political agency of MSIs in addressing wicked problems: Discursive framing as legitimation strategies"

When: Wednesday December 7, 2022; 12.00-13.30
Where: Fakultätssitzungssaal (3rd floor, SOWI)


Pauline Urban successfully presented her research paper (co-authored with Kerstin Neumann, Uriel Stettner, and Lilach Trabelsi) on “Dedicated sustainability functions and firms’ sustainability performance: Evidence from the food and beverage industry” at the 2022 annual conference of the Strategic Management Society, which took place in September in London, UK.


Kerstin Neumann spends her research sabbatical in 2022 as a visiting professor at the Business School of the Imperial College London and as a visiting researcher at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management.

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