Academic Awards


Best Paper Proceedings

Best Paper Proceedings of the 2019 Academy of Management Meeting for the paper: Doblinger, C., Soppe, B., & Huber, S. Converging Logics: Coopetitive ties and innovation in the early clean transportation industry


Highly Commended Paper Award

Received from Emerald Publishing, the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development for my paper ”Vertical coopetiton in entrepreneurial firms: Theory and practice”


Best Student Paper Award

Winner, received at the annual conference of the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), Orlando, USA

Research Interests

Birthe’s activities revolve around novel organizational phenomena. She bridges insights from institutional and organization theory as well as economic sociology to enhance the understanding of the fundamental social, institutional, and organizational underpinnings that shape new market fields and novel forms of organizing. She focuses on efforts to gain legitimacy for novel organizational activities and innovations, and examines the social processes and values out of which novel organizational forms and collaborations arise and are sustained. She studies these topics and theories mostly within in the context of transitions, such as the sustainability and digital transition.

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