Michael Steurer


External PhD Student

University of Innsbruck School of Management

Human Resource Management Unit

Universitätsstraße 15
A-6020 Innsbruck



Michael Steurer’s research interests center around the multi-faceted business relationships between multi-nationals and their third party contractors, how they coordinate in situations with uncertainties and competing goals and how this coordination effects the multi-national’s decisions in the business relationship. 

Short Vita

  • PhD Program Management (2014-to date) University of Innsbruck
  • Diploma Business Education (2009-2014) University of Innsbruck


Selected Publications


Steurer, M.; Thalmann, S.; Maier, R.; Treasure-Jones, T.; Bibby, J.; Kerr, M. (2015): Assessing Informal Social Learning at the Workplace - A Revalidation Case from Healthcare. In: Köhler, T.; Kahnwald, N.; Schoop, E.: Wissensgemeinschaften in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Knowledge Communities in Business and Science. Dresden: TUDpress Verlag des Wissenschaften Dresden


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