Julia Brandl


Professor Human Resource Management

University of Innsbruck School of Management

Human Resource Management Unit

Universitätsstraße 15
A-6020 Innsbruck 

+43 512 507-71450

Office o.3.42, 3rd Floor SOWI-Building


Julia Brandl’s research interests center around the multiple goals associated with managing a workforce, how individuals, especially human resource managers, coordinate with others and establish legitimacy for HRM under conditions of uncertainty and competing goals, and the societal consequences of organizational activities. She mainly works with institutional approaches and French pragmatism.    

Short Vita

  • Visiting Professor Universidad Austral IAE Business School, Buenos Aires since 2017
  • Liaison Professor at the Hans-Boeckler Foundation since 2017
  • Professor Human Resource Management (since 2011) University of Innsbruck
  • Waernska Guest Professorship (2011-2012) University of Gothenburg
  • Subsitute Professorships (2009-2011) University of Konstanz, University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, University of the Federal Armed Forces
  • Habilitation and venia docendi in Business Administration (2004-2009) WU Vienna
  • Doctoral Study in Social and Economic Sciences (2002-2004) WU Vienna
  • Management Consultant (1998-2001) KPMG
  • Diploma in Public Administration (1992-1998) University of Konstanz


Selected Publications 

  • Brandl, Julia; Bullinger, Bernadette (2017): Individuals Considerations when responding to competing Logics: Insights from Identity Control Theory. In: Journal of Management Inquiry, 26(2):81–192.
  • Kozica, Arjan; Brandl, Julia (2015): Handling Paradoxical Tensions through Conventions: the Case of Performance Appraisals. In: Zeitschrift für Personalforschung, 29(1): 49 – 68. Free Access 
  • Brandl, Julia; Daudigeos, Thibault; Edwards, Tim; Pernkopf-Konhäusner, Katharina (2014): Explorations of French Conventionalism in Bringing Society back into Organizational Analysis: Introduction to the Dialog. In: Journal of Management Inquiry 23(3): 314 - 318. 
  • Brandl, J. & Pohler, D. (2010): The Role of the Human Resource Department and Conditions that Affect its Development: Explanations from Austrian CEOs. Human Resource Management, 49(6): 1027-1049. 
  • Reichel, A., Brandl, J. & Mayrhofer, W. (2010): The Strongest Link: Legitimacy of Top Management Diversity, Sex Stereotypes and the Rise of Women in HRM 1995 - 2004. Management Revue, 21(3): 332-352. 
  • Brandl, J. & Bullinger, B. (2009): Reflections on the Societal Conditions for the Pervasiveness of Entrepreneurial Behavior in Western Societies. Journal of Management Inquiry, 18(2): 159-173.


Research Documentation Database of the University of Innsbruck 



Memberships and Organizing Activities 

  • Co-organizer of academic workshops: Society, Conventions, Organization (Innsbruck, April 2013)[more], Paradoxes and Tensions in HRM [more] (Innsbruck May 2014)
  • Member of the Faculty Council, Innsbruck University School of Management
  • Editorial board member: Zeitschrift für Personalforschung (German Journal of Research in HRM)
  • Convener / panelist in academic conferences: Academy of Management Conference, EGOS, European Academy of Management Conference


Research Grants 

General Electric, Arbeiterkammer Vienna, FWF Research Grant (Stand-alone Project “Institutional Environments and Modern Actorhood” P 20247-G11 [more]), Festo Fellow Award; Dr. Maria-Schaumayer-Fellowship (Austrian Federal Reserve Bank); Anniversary Foundation of the City of Vienna; British Council Austria


Julia Brandl’s teaching responsibilities include coordinating the courses on HRM in the Master Organization Studies and on Organizational Behavior and HRM in the Master Strategic Management. She is also involved in the PhD Program Management with the courses on Methodology and Organization Studies.   

Full CV 

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