Research Seminar - HR Forum

The HR Forum gives interested researchers the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their research projects from the HR research community at the University of Innsbruck. Those who would like to present should contact the seminar coordinator. Details concerning the presentations (where, who is presenting, etc.) are sent out regularly by the seminar coordinator

Winter 2020/21

Date Location Topic
October 6, 11-12:30 Marketingspitz  

Literature Review Defense - Zubair Chaudhry

"Content That Matters: How job advertisement content influences the attraction of female applicants"

November 25, 16-17:30 Zoom

Reading Group

"The Dark Side of Organizational Paradoxes"

December 9, 16-17:30 Zoom

Paper Development - Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart

"Preferences for institutional logics in job advertisements"

January 20,


Reading Group

"Gender differences in pre-career salary estimations. A classroom experiment with job offers based on the pay transparency reform in Austria"

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