Early stage researcher position open at University of Bamberg

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded under H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 is recruiting an early stage researcher (f/ m/ d), fully funded (100%), positioned at the University of Bamberg in Germany.

“Global mobility of employees (GLOMO)”

We are happy to announce that we have another position to be filled in the Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Global mobility of employees” (GLOMO) (www.glomo.eu). The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action “Global mobility of employees” (GLOMO) is an international research project, co-ordinated by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen from the University of Bamberg, and is financed under the funding line “excellent science” of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Commission. 


Topic No.: Early Stage Researcher 1
Project Title: Creating motivation for international mobility
Host institute: University of Bamberg, Germany
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen (University of Bamberg, DE), Prof. Dr. Mette Zølner (Copenhagen Business School, DK). 
Starting date: 1st of July 2020 or later
Duration: Initially, the position is for 16 months (funded by GLOMO) with the intent to extend the position as research associate (funded by U. of Bamberg) for a doctorate degree.


Short description
ESR 1 will examine individuals’ willingness to move internationally for work reasons.



The objective of this empirical project is to examine the primary reasons and motives for individuals’ willingness to move internationally for work reasons. Relevant sub-questions are: How do individuals perceive value of international work experience for their career, life style etc.? What are the motivational mechanisms and which factors determine the individual decision-making process to relocate internationally? How can employers make use of these results to motivate their employees to accept an assignment abroad (assigned expatriates) or to motivate new recruits to move to their country (self-initiated expatriates)? The project shall be based on empirical data (either qualitative or quantitative) to be collected in the countries participating in GLOMO.

Expected Results

  • Develop a holistic perspective on individual motivation for expatriation, thereby considering both the acceptance of the organizational international mobility assignments and self-initiated expatriation.
  • Advance knowledge about individual and organizational motives and mechanisms underlying individual willingness to move internationally.
  • Provide organizations with knowledge and starting points for developing relevant policies and practices based on the findings about motivation for expatriation from an individual and organizational perspectives.

Planned secondment(s)

A secondment of up to four months to one of the GLOMO network partners is planned as part of the position.


The University of Bamberg is an internationally recognised centre for excellent research and teaching in the Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration with a particular emphasis on labour markets and education, including a long-standing track record in funded research on migration/expatriation. The University’s research excellence in this area is underpinned by the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in Bamberg. Moreover, the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration and the Federal Institute for Employment Research in nearby Nuremberg cooperate closely. The Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences is funded under the German Excellence Initiative to provide outstanding graduate training and supervision in English to its international student body.


We seek

A candidate having a relevant university degree (master's degree or equivalent) in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management or International Management, Business Psychology, Economic Geography, Sociology, Business Pedagogics or related fields.



Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen
University of Bamberg
Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour
Feldkirchenstraße 21
D-96045 Bamberg

E: maike.andresen@uni-bamberg.de
T: +49 951 863 2570 or -2573

Do you consider applying?

Eligible candidates shall apply online, using the central submission system here. All documents need to be submitted as a single PDF (max. 30 MB). Applications are open until June 9, 2020.


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