Martin Piber

a.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Room: o.3.40

Phone: +43 (0)512 507 71437



Research interests:

Selected publications:

  • Habersam, M., Piber, M. and Skoog, M. (2013), “Knowledge balance sheets in Austrian universities: The implementation, use, and re-shaping of measurement and management practices”, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. 24 4-5, pp. 319–337. [link]
  • Gstraunthaler, T., & Piber, M. (2012). The Performance of Museums and Other Cultural Institutions. International Studies of Management and Organization, 42(2), 29–42. [Link]
  • Ahrens, T., Becker, A., Burns, J., Chapman, C. S., Granlund, M., Habersam, M., Hansen, A., Khalifa, R., Malmi, T., Mennicken, A., Mikes, A., Panozzo, F., Piber, M., Quattrone, P., & Scheytt, T. (2008). The future of interpretive accounting research—A polyphonic debate. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 19(6), 840–866. [link]
    In: Critical Perspectives on Accounting 19/6, S. 840 - 866.
  • Gstraunthaler, T., & Piber, M. (2007). Performance Measurement and Accounting: Museums in Austria. Museum Management and Curatorship, 22(4), 361–375. [link]
  • Habersam, M., & Piber, M. (2003). Exploring intellectual capital in hospitals: two qualitative case studies in Italy and Austria. European Accounting Review, 12(4), 753–779. [link]


  • Speaker of the research centre « Organization Studies »

Prior affiliations:

  • Visiting professor at the department of Accounting of the University of Cape Town
  • Visiting professor at Stockholm University – School of Management

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