All About Corona!

In order to keep you informed about the ongoing situation and entertained during this time of minimal to no social interaction, we have come up with new web contents and events!*

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Important news

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The Stay at Home Challenge 
Join us on social media and share with us what you're up to in quarantine: Get creative with photos, videos, music and whatever you feel like doing. We're excited for your updates in our “social distance community” :)

Daily Yoga Sessions on Instagram Live
Marcel Clementi, a professional yoga instructor, offers relaxing, feel-good yoga sessions every day and would love for you to join in! The sessions are 10 to 20 minutes long and free for everyone.

Where? Here
When? every day, 3 pm 

Prompts for Writing
Are you feeling creative? We will be posting (writing) prompts every Monday until this unfortunate business is over and done with.Depending on what you feel like, you can either just create stuff for yourself or you can also share it with us – send your texts, audio files, videos, pictures etc to We will then publish them on our website and feature some of them on our social media channels. 

Book recommendations
With #bookishathome, we‘ll now regularly share book recommendations in different languages by professional booksellers, students and colleagues with you. Also, we‘d love for you to share your personal recommendations or photos of your reading sessions!

Movie Night with Pizza Special
Tomorrow (SAT) at 8 pm, we’ll be watching Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed movie “Inception”! 🎬🍕

If you want to participate, maybe get a free pizza & be part of our movie night group on Whatsapp, please fill out this Google Form (where you’ll also again find all the information you’ll need): Here 

Our volunteer Jenni will get in touch with you then.

Thank you to the Canadian Studies Centre for hosting this event & to @aiani_uniibk (the Austria-Israel Academic Network Innsbruck) for sponsoring the pizzas!

  • Official University of Innsbruck news bulletin on the corona situation, online courses etc.: here
  • City of Innsbruck : Covid-19 - Important Official Measures and Regulations
    The official measures put into place by the Austrian National Assembly are valid until April 13the 2020 or until given further notice 

  • Facebook of the UIBK International Services (events, challenges, news alerts, quarantine pastime activities and more): here
  • Instagram of the UIBK International Services (events, challenges, news alerts, quarantine pastime activities and more): here
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Pour vous tenir informés de la situation actuelle et vous divertir pendant cette période où les contacts sociaux sont limités, voire inexistants, nous vous proposons des idées d’activités et d’événements sur le web ! 
* Con el objeto de mantenerlos informados sobre la situación actual y entretenidos durante este tiempo de mínima o nula interacción social, hemos creado nuevos contenidos y eventos en la web!

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