School on Leaning, Perception and Robotics

University of Trento | Department of Information Engeneering and Computer Science
University of Innsbruck | Department of Computer Science
Free University of Bolazano/Bozen | Faculty of Science and Technology
October 2018 till September 2019
Project type Joint Lecture/Seminar, Winter/summer school
The lectures were aimed at presenting cutting-edge scientific activities carried out by the research groups of the three Universities and focused on different areas of Artificial Intelligence, such as deep learning, computer vision, human-robot interaction and open-ended learning for robotics. Two invited talks were given by two senior researchers of other institutions. Dr. Xavier Alameda Pineda (INRIA, Grenoble, FR) gave a talk on robust deep learning techniques for addressing challenging problems in computer vision and human-robot interaction. Dr. Oswald Lanz (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) discussed novel AI-based approaches for analyzing complex visual scenes from wearable sensors.
Learning objectives
The purpose of the initiative was to gather together researchers postgraduate students of the Euregio Universities interested in topics related to Artificial Intelligence in order to increase the students knowledge in this strategic field.


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