INFRAstructures FUTURES. Scenarios and strategies for the development of infrastrucure systems towards a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient landscape


University of Trento | Department of Civil, Environmental and Mecahnical Engineering
Univeristy of Innsbruck | Faculty of Architecture
January 2018 till September 2018
Analysis through different scales and methodologies of the renewed relationship between infrastructures and landscapes, urban settlements, productive habitat, environmental systems, alternative energy, such as new visions and strategies to give infrastructures a role engine of territorial development.
Learning objectives
INFRAFUTURES offered an interdisciplinary platform to debate, confront, share and produce knowledge on the territorial, architectural, environmental and economical dimension of infrastructures and their futures and the possible application/added values in the EUREGIO. Students, professors and practitioners could adress topics related to landscape, ecology, sustainability, innovation, technology, climate change and resilience as collaborators for defining the future meaning of infrastructures at the various scales.
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