SDGs in teaching

In preparation for the stronger anchoring of the topic of sustainability at Universität Innsbruck, courses and information pages or further training on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were implemented.
Sustainable Development Goals

Starting with the academic year 2020/2021, teaching data on the Sustainable Development Goals were collected across the board, and since the academic year 2021/2022, the assignment of each course to one, several or no SDG is available in the public course catalogue.

In order to make the topic of sustainability visible and anchor it at the University of Innsbruck, a start was made in the academic year 2020/2021 to ensure that every single course is assigned to one, several or no Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). From the academic year 2021/2022, these assignments will be visible to everyone in the public course catalogue of the Universität Innsbruck.

Since the start of the project, all lecturers at the Universität Innsbruck are obliged to indicate whether they assign their course to one, several or no SDG. This assignment by the teachers is done systematically via a checkbox in the teaching data management. The criterion for the assignment can be compliance with the targets and indicators of the respective SDG, but also compliance in the sense of the Education for Sustainable Development Goals, Learning Objectives of UNESCO (2017). This approach requires that the assignment is made by the course leader, especially since only he or she is in a position to correctly assess any similarities or differences.

Information materials were made available (online) to support this assignment by the teachers. The materials provide explanations of each SDG and give examples of possible learning objectives, learning settings and methods, which is hyperlinked to the data management system responsible for the course catalogue (teaching data management). The examples given on these information pages are formulated in such a way that they can be adapted by teachers to contexts and learning settings, but also to the intended level of the respective course.

To promote a university-wide discourse on an equal footing, a web conference on the topic of "Sustainable Development Goals as Part of the Narrative and Culture of Universities" was held with the international participation of scientists, representatives of the Aurora European Universities Alliance and the rectorate to accompany the publication of the assignments in the course catalogue. The conference focused on institutional implementation and the role of (Aurora) universities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against the backdrop of the Sustainability Pioneers work package, which includes the implementation of an SDG research dashboard, an SDG education dashboard, SDG education offer(s) and an integrated plan for sustainable campus development. Originally planned as face-to-face meetings or peer learning activities, exchange formats for teachers, for the administrative staff involved, but also for students, are currently being converted into a digital format (webinars) and are to be made available to all participants, but especially to all teachers, in good time before the planning phase of the next academic year.

This project was inspired by the Austrian National Development Plan for Public Universities 2022-2027 (Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals and the principle of sustainability into university development) and the development plan of Universität Innsbruck, but above all by the Aurora European Universities Alliance, which has set itself the goal of giving students an SDG perspective as part of their studies. Students at Aurora universities are thus given the opportunity to choose courses that explicitly take sustainability aspects into account. In analogy to research, where an SDG dashboard of the Aurora universities is already available, an SDG dashboard is also to be set up in teaching in order to systematise this visualisation and promote international cooperation in teaching. The submitted project lays the foundation for all these projects in the field of teaching and learning at Universität Innsbruck.


Sustainable Development Goals

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