Aurora Biannual

Productive Kick-Off of the Horizon 2020 Project „Aurora Research and Innovation for Societal Impact“

Within the framework of the Aurora Biannual at the University of Rovira i Virgili, the big Kick-Off for the new Horizon 2020 Project "Aurora Research and Innovation for Societal Impact" took place on November 18. During the full-day workshop, all work packages and their ambitious contents were worked on productively and the inter-university exchange was promoted.

October 2021 marked the start of the long prepared H2020 Project "Aurora RI", which is about fundamental improvements of innovation and research infrastructures in and between the Aurora universities. After several virtual working meetings in the different working groups, the kick-off for the project took place during the Aurora Biannual, during which the tracks for the coming weeks and months were laid.

Strengthening research and innovation structures

The core of the project is formed by the nine work packages, which share the common goal of strengthening the impact of the Aurora universities internally, among themselves and externally in society. After initial preliminary discussions online, the representatives of the nine Aurora Alliance universities met in person for the first time to discuss the first implementation steps of the various tasks. All work packages were presented by the respective leads and co-leads, and an initial plan was presented on how to implement the deliverables to be achieved in a timely manner.

The nine work packages of the "Aurora RI" Project can basically be divided into two categories: Organization and Content. The five content work packages are dedicated to sharing infrastructures and resources across the Alliance, strengthening collaborations in entrepreneurial activities, further developing joint strategies and measures in recruitment or human resource development, implementing open science practices, and increasing engagement in and with society. The organizational work packages pay attention to a stringent project process including quality assurance, deal with synthesizing the different work results into a common plan for strengthening the research and innovation structures, seek exchange with other European Universities and communicate these results out of the Aurora circle.

Innsbruck leads work package „Sharing Infrastructures and Resources“

In the "Aurora RI" project, Universität Innsbruck together with Palacky University Olomouc is leading work package 3 "Sharing Infrastructure and Resources". This involves the collection, visualization and utilization of various forms of research-relevant infrastructures, data, networks and expertise for shared use within the Aurora Alliance. Universität Innsbruck can build on good foundations and contribute its own experience in the collection and cataloging of such research infrastructures in a targeted manner.

The central coordination tasks for the H2020 Project lie with the University of Iceland and the local contact person for Universität Innsbruck is Dejan Lukovic, who is responsible as project manager for all matters concerning "Aurora RI".




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