Aurora Lehreentwicklung: Kriterien und Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten für Lehrveranstaltungen

Aurora Teaching Development: Pilot Project Funding

Teaching that is related to the Aurora European Universities Alliance or is to be developed as such is now eligible for funding through Aurora funds.

One of Aurora's goals is to develop common principles, quality criteria, infrastructures and frameworks that will, on the one hand, enable deeper cooperation between Aurora universities in study and teaching and, on the other hand, promote the qualifications of students.

In order to support scientists in the further development of their teaching in the context of these efforts, various support formats are now available, which are linked to corresponding funding.

Learn more about the mandatory and optional criteria but also about the support options (incl. application and deadlines) that are applied within the framework of Aurora Teaching Development at: Aurora Teaching Development – University of Innsbruck (

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