Dear Aurora students!

The course you are interested in is open to all Aurora partner Universities students and therefore follows its own registration procedure.

In order to successfully register for this course as a student from one of the Aurora partner universities, we have compiled some information for you below. Please read it carefully. At the bottom of the page, you will find the link that leads you to the registration for your chosen Aurora course. 

Registration and application for the course  

In order to be able to attend the course as a student and to receive a certificate upon successful completion, you will be enrolled and registered for a course as a "non-degree seeking student", if you have not already registered for a course at Universität Innsbruck.

If courses have a limit on the number of participants (e.g. interactive formats such as excursions, practical courses, seminars, lectures combined with exercises, etc.) a ranking of applications will be necessary and a letter of motivitation is required. Please refer to the description of the respective courses in the course catalog if this is applicable.

  Detailed information on the   process sequence incl. deadline

Additional information

Tuition fee & Austrian Students´Union Fees   For Aurora students from other Aurora universities, the Rectorate waives the tuition fees (EUR 363.36). The fees for the Austrian Students´ Union (currently EUR 20.70) will be paid from the Aurora funds.

Access data  After admission to Universität Innsbruck and successful course registration, Aurora students (apart from regular students of Universität Innsbruck) will receive their access data for the IT services of Universität Innsbruck (LFU: online, OLAT, etc.) via e-mail and can thus use all student resources.

Course recognition   The admission to Universität Innsbruck or a possible admission to a course does not guarantee that the achieved learning outcomes or grades will be recognized at the home institution for the respective study program.

We, therefore, urgently suggest that you seek clarification as early as possible with the person and/or department responsible for recognition of courses at the respective home institution (e.g., Dean of Studies, Associate Dean of Studies ...)!

Certificates  Grades are entered via LFU:online as for all other regular courses at Universität Innsbruck. After successful completion of the course, all students can download/print their official transcripts/certificates via LFU: online.

Data query 

For complete registration or application for the desired course, Universität Innsbruck, as well as the Aurora home university, require personal and/or specific (contact) data.

Please note that the application or registration for the Aurora course can only be considered if all required data has been provided in full. Note that all data that is provided will only be used for administrative purposes and registration of the course!

Forms and specific data for admission

Registration form: Completion of the form is mandatory for all Aurora students except the students from Universität Innsbruck, please date and sign it (original signature). The information is used to record the data required for enrollment as a "non-degree seeking student" at Universität Innsbruck.

  Here you can find the registration form

Matriculation number/registration number: The Matriculation and/or registration number enables the universities to uniquely identify the student, even if this is not possible based on name or a combination of name and date and place of birth. To avoid any duplicate enrollments, any (previous) Austrian matriculation number must be provided.

Digital copy of your passport: Proof of identity

Confirmation of enrollment from the home university: To provide proof of current enrollment in a degree program at one of the Aurora universities

Note: Students are asked to upload their data in a single file and give their consent that this data will be further processed by their respective home institution and UIBK.

Data/Information for the course  

Letter of motivation: Ranking of the applications may become necessary for courses with a limited number of participants (see the description of the respective course in the course catalog). These courses require a letter of motivation, in order to be able to rank the applications (see description of the respective course in the course catalog).

Please make sure your letter of motivation is concise and to-the-point (max. 2500 characters incl. spaces).

Create a Registration File

For successful application/registration, all documents (e.g., completed registration form + scan of passport + letter of motivation) must be merged and uploaded into a single document (.pdf).

  Tips on how to combine the documents into one .pdf can be found here: Merge PDF

Follow-up questions  

If you have any further questions, please contact the Aurora Office Team in Innsbruck by email, indicating the course you are interested in (course number + title): aurora@uibk.ac.at.

We look forward to welcome you as a student of the Universität Innsbruck!



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Winter Semester 2021/2022      800.725                Sustainability & Climate Change

                                                                                      Registration is closed

Winter Semester 2021/2022      645.612                Cultural Encounters & Conflicts: Doing Diversity in Higher Education in the
                                                                                      Aurora European Universities Alliance (Aurora Brown Bag Lecture Series)

                                                                                     Registration is closed

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