Work Package 5 – Sustainability Pioneers

WP 5

Main objectives within this work package

  • Lead by example and inspire others as pioneers in sustainability, reducing the footprint of our individual and collective activities and making substantial contributions to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The following activities will contribute in achieving this objective:

Aurora SDG Research Dashboard

Turn the SDGs into a leading narrative for research in the Aurora Alliance. We will do so by implementing the SDG Research Dashboard as a robust and operational tool, building on the existing Aurora Bibliometrics for Relevance dashboard, strengthening it with academic feedback and machine learning.

Aurora Sustainability Education

Turn the SDGs into a leading narrative for education in the Aurora Alliance. We will do so by using the SDG Research Dashboard example to build a similar dashboard, tailored to the needs of students, showing the SDG-nature of relevant courses across Aurora. We will furthermore create a common SDG course available to all Aurora students and add an SDG perspective to regular topical courses.

Aurora Sustainable Campus Action Plan

Make the Aurora Alliance campuses sustainable in the SDG-sense. Organisational governance, culture and operations of the Aurora universities will be refocussed and reorganised towards the ultimate objective to become fully zero carbon carbon footprint organisations. Within the Alliance good and best sustainability practices will be exchanged and where relevant implemented.

Involved experts from Universität Innsbruck:

Aurora SDG Research Dashboard
  • Friedrich Gaigg, Office of the Vice Rector for Research
Aurora Sustainability Education
  • Bernhard Fügenschuh, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Teaching
  • Christina Raab, Aurora European Universities Office
  • Daniela Kundmann-Kolm, College Service Center (includes admissions and examinations support)
Aurora Sustainable Campus Action Plan
  • Wolfgang Streicher, Vice-Rector for Infrastructure

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