Aurorisation - Aurora Teaching Development

The following criteria shall be understood as a starting point and will be refined in the course of the Alliance’s working programme, substantiated in terms of content and thus further developed in the sense of quality standards:

Criterion 1: Aurora teaching and learning units contribute to the students’ development of general academic and personal competences that will help them to act as social entrepreneurs and innovators.

Criterion 2: This contribution is visible in defined learning outcomes, the learning- and teaching environment and the assessment mechanisms.

Criterion 3: Aurora teaching and learning units have an interdisciplinary, cross-university approach to promote the societal impact of teaching and learning and make it visible. For the (further) development of corresponding teaching and learning units, this can mean, among other things, that the following are increasingly taken into account:

  • teaching / learning activities that promote the development of personal and social skills (e.g. service learning, internships)
  • use of interdisciplinary approaches
  • description of measurable learning outcomes in relation to the examination regulations
  • competence measurement (tests, external certification)

Criterion 4: Aurora teaching and learning units lie within (content, learning outcomes) at least one of the described pilot challenge domains, in relation to one of the 17 SDGs.

Criterion 5: Aurora teaching and learning units offer all students an opportunity to have a meaningful international experience, whether through virtual, short term physical mobility, internationalisation at home or a mixed approach (e.g. COIL).

Criterion 6: AURORA teaching and learning units strive to make internationalisation efforts inclusive.

Criterion 7: AURORA teaching and learning units facilitate increase in language proficiency in one and preferably two foreign languages.


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