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Erasmus Student Network is a non-profit international student organisation. These students provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. However, the main focus of ESN is placed on current exchange students, who often face problems (and feel abandoned) in their new environments. Therefore, ESN offers help in academic, social and practical integration processes. This is mainly done through activities in the local sections, which include cultural and social events such as trips to various places within the country, film nights, language projects, international food festivals and last, but not least, parties. In addition to that, many sections have introduced mentor systems, which help the international students mainly in academic and practical integration.


How to get around

IVB (Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe)

Single tickets on buses and trams cost EUR 2,60 (from the driver; valid upon issue), but if you plan to use the city’s public transport frequently we recommend buying a semester ticket (EUR 139,20). This is a special offer for all students under age 27 and it is valid for 6 months (September – February or March - August) on all connections in Innsbruck (core zone) including the Hungerburgbahn.

See the following link for more Information:

Weekly and monthly tickets are also available and can be purchased at pre-purchase kiosks (IVB Customer Centre) or at automated ticket vendor at bus stops. These tickets must be stamped in the machines at the start of the journey. 

IVB Customer Centre
Stainerstrasse 2
6020 Innsbruck
Opening hours: Monday till Friday 7.30 – 18.00


Get a bike

You can find used bikes at:

Conrad Fahrradreperatur
Ampfererstraße 30
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 (0) 512 276869

Bike Point:



Travelling by train

Vorteilscard (for students under)

Train travel is an excellent way to get around Austria, not only because of the striking views. The train system is also very convenient and efficient. To receive 45-50% reductions on Austrian state-run train travel, consider purchasing a VORTEILS discount card if you are under 26 (price start at € 19,90).

Sparschiene Austria and Sparschiene Europe

With this you can travel to Austria´s major cities for for as little as € 9,- and to Europe's most popular cities at a very  low rate. Book well in advance.



Events in Innsbruck:

Events in Tirol:

6020 Stadtmagazin:

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