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Most of our courses require you to have a good command of the German language so that you can follow classes, give oral presentations and write papers. We recommend to brush up your German before coming.

A few institutes however offer courses in English. If you want to search for them you must use the course catalogue, click “advanced search” and change the language of instruction.

If you choose a course you should go to “Details” where you will find all the information regarding application deadline, course description, language of instructions, credits and you will have the possibility to book the course.

With your user-ID at the Central IT Services (which will be sent to you in due time) you can enter LFU:online anytime in order to register for courses. Please be fair and drop courses if you are not interested in attending anymore. Other students should have the chance to book the course as well.

For further information go to:

A regular student needs to gain 30 ECTS per semester. Please be aware that studying in a different language can be more difficult. For this reason most of the international students gain around 20 – 25 credits.

The course catalogue will be published

at the beginning of July for the winter semester and

at the beginning of January for the summer semester.

If you need to present a list of courses at your home university - we recommend to use the course catalogue of the previous year as a guideline until the new catalogue is published:


Course restrictions

Exchange students who are not nominated as Business students cannot take any courses offered at the Faculty of Business, Statistics and Management.


Course recommendation

We can recommend the following courses which could be of interest since these courses are especially designed for international students:

German course

Joint Study - German as a Foreign Language I (partly A1) in winter semester 2022/23 (5 ECTS)

This course is designed for exchange students who are absolute beginners. Attendance is mandatory and you need to do a test at the end of the semester. The course is free for exchange students from our partner universites and you will receive 5 ECTS if you pass the test at the end.

Please click the following link to find out more about the dates and times, the location and the contents of the course (see the details as well): 


Application details will be sent to you by email 4-6 weeks prior to the semester start.


Attention: If you want to attend a different course at the Language Centre, you need to apply through their website and pay for the course:


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