Finding accommodation is a very difficult issue here in Innsbruck. We urge you to apply for a room in a student dorm as soon as possible. You must send a reservation deposit – only after receiving the deposit, the housing office will process your application. Applications will be handled on a first come – first served basis!


List with student dorms


Information about fees and deposit

If you have any questions regarding housing please contact the housing office directly:

Please note that finding a room/ apartment on the private market can be very difficult since most of the landlords only rent a room for a full year. You should be aware that you will probably have to pay a fee for the contract in most cases.


"ÖH - Wohnungsbörse" (Housing market for students)

You need to be very careful with online deals. Do not pay any deposit if you are not sure about the landlord and the apartment.

Please note: It is much easier to find a room during summer semester. Being in Innsbruck from February/ March till June/ July is also recommendable since you can still enjoy winter time, going skiing until April and you have the advantage of experiencing the Spring/ Summer time.