Coming to Austria/Visa

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens

Students from EU/EEA member states and Switzerland need a valid passport or identity card to enter and study in Austria.  

Third-country nationals (UK citizens count as third-country nationals after Brexit)

Students who are not from EUIEEA countries or Switzerland may need a visa to enter Austria. Please note that if you need a visa, you yourself are responsible for applying for one. As the visa application process can take several weeks to months, please take care of your visa as soon as possible. You will have to apply for a visa at the responsible Austrian embassy in your country. You can search for Austrian embassies in your country by following this link.


Depending on the length of stay there are different regulations:

  • Stay less than 6 months:

For entry and stay in Austria of less than 6 months, you need either a travel visa C ("Schengen visa", max. 90 days) or a residence visa D (for stays of at least 91 days to a maximum of 6 months). Visa cannot be granted in Austria. Please get in touch with an Austrian embassy in your country.

  • Stay longer than 6 months:

Incoming students who are third-country nationals and are planning a mobility period that is longer than 6 month need a “Residence Permit – Student”. It is possible to apply for this Residence permit after lawful entry and during lawful stay in Austria (e.g. entry with a visa or visa-free entry), or to apply in your country of residence before coming to Innsbruck.

For details and application forms please visit the OeAD’s Database Entry and Residence for Students and Researchers . It can take several months to get your visa or residence permit, so apply early enough.

Your travel document plus visa must be carried at all times to prove your entitlement to residence in Austria. The residence permit for students does not give you the right to work in Austria! This must be applied for separately and is only possible in exceptional cases.

Staying in Austria

Registration at City Hall

Every person staying in Austria is obliged to register their domicile within three days after arrival at City Hall. You will need a “Meldezettel” signed by your dormitory or landlord and an ID. This registration is free of charge. Please note that fines are possible if you do not register and do not forget to de-register at the end of your Erasmus semester/year.

Registration certificate for EU/EEA and Swiss Citizens

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens who plan on staying for more than three month are also required to apply for a registration certificate (”Anmeldebescheinigung”). This has to be done no later than 4 months after your arrival and a small fee of approx. 15€ has to be paid. You will need the following documents:

- Passport/ID
- a confirmation of your status as a student at the University of Innsbruck (download it on LFU:online)
- proof of health insurance (EHIC)
- evidence of sufficient financial means (Erasmus grant agreement or support letter from your parents)


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