Health Insurance 

a) Students from EUIEEA countries

All EU/EEA nationals can use the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) in Austria. As the extent of benefits varies from country to country, it is advisable to check with your insurance company prior to departure and to make sure that you are aware of any fees your insurance might ask you to pay. If you visit a doctor in Austria, you must take the European Health Insurance Card with you and show it at the doctor’s office. With the card you can go to any panel doctor in Austria and receive free medical care for all treatments that are medically necessary (emergencies).

Check-ups and preventive examinations are usually excluded from this.

In order to have check-ups and preventive examinations (e.g. an appointment at the dentist’s) included, send an email to

State in the email that you are an exchange student in Innsbruck and want to register. Attach your confirmation of enrolment (download from LFU:online) and a scan of your EHIC card (both sides) to the email.

OEGK will not send you a confirmation that the registration was successful by themselves. Ask them for a confirmation in your email in order to be on the safe side.

If you are prescribed a drug, you will have to pay a small prescription fee per drug.


b) Students from non-EU/EEA countries and students without insurance

Students who are not insured (please check with your insurance company which benefits are covered at home or by your travel insurance) can apply for self-insurance at the Österreichische Gesundheitskasse - ÖGK. (self-insurance for students). All international students, regardless of their citizenship, can take out this self-insurance.

To take out health insurance (self-insurance) with the ÖGK, go to the ÖGK Service Center Innsbruck and take the following documents with you:

  • Study confirmation
  • Identity card or passport (with possible Austrian visa entries)
  • Confirmation of registration of the city of Innsbruck

Currently the insurance Costs about € 60 per month. With this insurance you will receive free medical care for all treatments that are medically necessary during your stay. Check-ups and preventive examinations are excluded from this, as well as mountain rescue. In addition, your journey to Innsbruck as well as your journey back home are not covered. These costs have to be paid separately, e.g. covered by a travel insurance.

After successfully taking out insurance. This health insurance card (e-card) costs approximately € 12 and has to be taken to every doctor's visit.

If you are prescribed a drug, you will have to pay a small prescription fee per drug.

If you need to be hospitalized, most of the costs will be covered by the insurance, but a small fee has to be paid by yourself. With the ÖGK  insurance, you can also make use of all necessary medical services during your holiday in other European countries.


Doctor's search of the Medical Association for Tyrol

You can find doctors with the doctor's search of the Medical Association Tirol: Use "Advanced Search" to find a doctor who speaks foreign languages.

ÖH student insurance

The Students’ Union contribution (ÖH-Beitrag), which must be paid at the beginning of each semester, includes an accident and liability insurance (accidents at the university as well as on the way to and from the university). For more information see:


Private liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects policyholders against the negative financial consequences of everyday risks.

What does private liability insurance cover?

  • Personal injury: events resulting in injury, poisoning or death of a person
  • Property damage: An event (such as an accident) that results in the damage or destruction of property
  • Financial loss: situation in which neither a person nor a thing suffers direct damage, but financial damage is done to a third party
  • Lease damage: damage to objects that are rented, leased or borrowed

How much is the personal liability insurance premium?

A distinction is made between regular liability and extended liability. The extended form usually offers a higher sum insured and other additions, for example, protection against damage claims of relatives or protection in rented premises. Students should get more information at this point, because many insurance companies offer dedicated student rates, starting at three euros a month.

A normal private liability insurance costs between 20 and 40 euros a year. The extended liability can cost up to 90 euros or more per year.

Who offers personal liability insurance in Austria?

In the end, almost every insurance company offers this kind of insurance. However, before you get yourself an insurance, it is advisable to check whether you already have personal liability insurance from your insurance company back home. For those who like to spend time in the mountains, the insurance of the Austrian Alpine Club could

be quite interesting: weltweitversichert.php




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