German Courses for Erasmus+ Students

Since courses are almost all held in German you must have a sufficient level of competence in German to attend lectures and pass examinations. Although some Master's Programmes are taught in English, it is advisable to be able to communicate in German in everyday life.

A German exam is not compulsory in advance, since your home Erasmus Institutional Coordinator has confirmed your knowledge by signing the Erasmus Certificate. We strongly recommend improving your German before coming to Innsbruck since your lectures here will almost certainly be held in German – except when studying within Master's Programmes held completely in English. 

Special Erasmus+ Course (free)

A German course for Erasmus incomings on different levels (intermediate and upper intermediate) - including grammar, vocabulary, reading and understanding lessons - is offered each term and is free of charge. Please note that there are no Courses for absolute beginners.

In addition, the following course – taught in English – is also offered:

  • Erasmus – Exploring German Speaking Countries


The courses are financed by the European Commission and are therefore free of charge.

Every Erasmus student will receive an e-mail with all the necessary details to these courses in good time.

German as a foreign language

During each semester the Language Center of the University of Innsbruck offers the course "Deutsch als Fremdsprache"  on 3 levels. Those levels range from beginner to advanced. As a registered student the course (8 hours a week) costs € 160,- on each level.

Details can be found on the homepage of the Language Centre:

German language Courses in summer

Preparatory courses are offered in July - August by the Language Centre at the University of Innsbruck: The basic 3 weeks course (60 lessons) costs € 630,- and the basic 6 weeks course (120 lessons) € 1260,-. For more information please see:

Study Buddy partnership agency

The study buddy partnership agency (=Sprachlernpartnerschaftsbörse) is a free initiative run by the Language Centre for all course participants, students and staff members of the University of Innsbruck as well as Innsbruck Medical University.

The study buddy partnership agency connects language learners with other native language speakers, so they can work together on the improving of their language skills.

  • The study buddies will learn from, and with each other, their respective native language.
  • The study buddies will learn more about the country and culture of their study buddy.

Additional information (instructions, application and organisation) can be found on the website of the Language Centre:


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