Erasmus+ Welcome

The University of Innsbruck invites all Erasmus students to the Erasmus Welcome for more information and to get to know other Erasmus students.
Participation is strongly recommended.

When? Monday, 6th March, 5.00 pm
Where? Aula, Main University Building, Innrain 52, 1st floor
For those that cannot join in person: same day, 8 p.m. (link tba)


For more information please contact:

  Robert Natter, BA, Tel: 507-32407


First Steps - after arrival


I notify my family and friends of my successful arrival in Innsbruck










REGISTRATION AT THE CITY OF INNSBRUCK (within the first 3 days in Innsbruck)

All students must register as residents of the city of Innsbruck within the first 3 days after arrival. You can either pick up the required form ("Meldezettel") directly at the town hall or download it from the website of the city of Innsbruck:

In some dormitories you receive the "Meldezettel" when moving in.

Fill out the form and sign it. Have it then signed by the dormitory administration or your landlord.

Take your passport (or identity card for EU/EEA citizens) with you and hand in the form personally in the city hall, at "Melde- und Einwohnerwesen". The address is: Maria-Theresien-Straße 18, 1st floor

You will then receive your confirmation of registration (“Meldebestätigung”).



For students from EU/EEA countries as well as for students from non-EU/EEA countries who are also citizens of an EU/EEA country (dual citizenship) and also hold a valid EU/EEA passport:

If your stay lasts more than 3 months, you must register with the "Melde- und Einwohnerwesen" within the first 4 months of your stay to apply for a so-called "Anmeldebescheinigung” (“registration certificate").

The following documents must be submitted to the competent authority: 

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • proof of health insurance (e.g. e-card, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • evidence of adequate financial resources = evidence that at least € 400,- are paid into my account (e.g. bank statement, Erasmus grant confirmation or letter of commitment of a parent)
  • as well as the proof of registration at Innsbruck University.

This permit costs € 15 and is compulsory. € 250 fine is possible!



  • I go to the Erasmus desk in the University Admission Department (Studienabteilung) on the ground floor (left side) of the "Geiwi-Turm" with my Letter of Acceptance ("Mitteilung") from Innsbruck University and my passport / ID-card. You'll have to pull a ticket to get your turn. Press "B - Erasmus Ticket".

  • I receive my student ID. If I have not already paid the compulsory Students Union membership (ÖH-fee) of € 21.20 online, I will receive information on how to do so.
    • pay the ÖH-fee at one of the service points in the university buildings using my cash card. I can also pay the fee by using the payment data I find on LFU:online. Once I have paid the ÖH-fee, my student ID-card is activated and I can print my "Studienbestätigung" (proof of registration) using LFU:online.

  • With LFU:online I can also check my marks at any computer and print my results (Transcript of Records) at the end of my stay at the University of Innsbruck.

  • Update your address in Innsbruck on LFU: online.


I contact my Erasmus Coordinator in Innsbruck. If you are not sure who your coordinator is please contact our Office.


I find out when and where the German courses are held - if improvement of my language knowledge is necessary. More information: German courses


Here you can find the "First Steps" in English  , German  

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