Erasmus Welcome

The University of Innsbruck invites all Erasmus students to the Erasmus Welcome for more information and to get to know other Erasmus students.
Participation is strongly recommended.

When? Monday, 1st October 2018 at 5 p.m.
Where? Aula, Main University Building, Innrain 52, 1st floor

For more information please contact:

Mag. Isabel Hofmann, Tel: 507-32407,,
Katharina Devich, Tel: 507-32406, 


First Steps - after arrival


I notify my family and friends of my successful arrival in Innsbruck.


Within 3 work days after arrival I must register as a resident of Innsbruck at the Residents Registration Office (Maria Theresien-Strasse 18, Rathaus, 1st floor, Monday-Thursday 8.00-15.00; Friday 8.00-12.00). I need a registration form "Meldezettel" with the signature of my landlord and my passport. Detailed information and the Meldezettel can be found here: Stadt Innsbruck - Meldewesen


If I am from an EU/EFTA country or Switzerland and staying for more than 4 months I must get a residence permit at the Rathaus. I need a

  • copy of my valid passport
  • copy of proof of health insurance (e.g. e-card, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea de la Seguridad Social, carte européenne d'assurance maladie)
  • evidence of adequate financial resources = evidence that at least € 400,- are paid into my account (e.g. bank statement or grant confirmation) 
  • as well as the proof of registration at Innsbruck University.

This permit costs € 15 and is compulsory. € 726 fine is possible!


I register as a student:

Arrow Right I go to the Erasmus desk in the University Admission Department (Studienabteilung) on the ground floor (left side) of the "Geiwi-Turm"  with my Letter of Admission ("Mitteilung") from Innsbruck University and everything asked for in the letter.

Arrow Right I receive one form - the Meldungsblatt - which I must fill in at the Admission Department: It is important to state my exact postal address in Innsbruck. Then I receive a pay slip for the compulsory Students Union membership of € 19,20 an e-mail account and for LFU:online a user name and password. (LFU is the abbreviation for Leopold-Franzens Universität).

Arrow Right Afterwards I am photographed for my student ID-card. I pay the membership using my cash card at one of the service points in the university buildings. I can also pay the membership by using the pay slip. Once my student ID-card is activated I can print my "Studienbestätigung" (proof of registration) using LFU:online.

With LFU:online I can also print my results (Transcript of records) or check my marks at any computer.


I contact my Erasmus Coordinator in Innsbruck. If you are not sure please contact our office.


I inform myself about the courses in Innsbruck (chosen in advance with the Erasmus-Coordinator at my home University) - place and time? enrolment? This is done best by using the online course catalogue, looking at the notice boards of the institutes, by asking the institute secretary or the Erasmus Coordinator.


I find out when and where the German courses are held - if improvement of my language knowledge is necessary. More information: German courses


Here you can find the "First Steps" in English  , German PDF Icon, French PDF Icon, Spanish PDF Iconand Italian