Course Catalogue

You can find detailed information about the courses on the university’s website:
Please use the “advanced search” function to search for courses in different languages at your faculty. Should the information not be available for the semester you are coming, please use the information of the previous year as a general guideline. You can choose each semester at the top of the page. In the course description you can find the socalled "Mode of repetition". This indicates if the course is taught every semester, annually or every 2 years. In the unlikely case that no Information about the course is available, please contact your coordinator in Innsbruck.

Learning Agreement

When you send your learning agreement, you must include the course code. This 6-digit code can be found next to the name of each course. We will then check if everything is complete and forward it to your academic coordinator for approval and signature.


Course codes are next to the course title:


 Course codes_2016

You can find the mode of repetition and the language of instruction in the detailed description of each course:



Course registration

Together with your Letter of Acceptance, you will receive a username and password to register for the courses that are listed in your approved learning agreement.

In case of problems with registration, please go to the first lecture and explain to the teacher that you are an Erasmus student and had difficulties when applying.

Language Courses

We offer free German Courses for Erasmus+ students financed by the EU. Details will be sent to you by separate e-mail before you arrive.

The Language Centre of the University (ISI) offers more than 100 language courses for different languages on different levels. These courses are not free of charge and are easily recognizable by their course code, e.g. “124 XXX”. On successful completion, you will receive a grade and ECTS.


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