Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar including exact dates can be found here

The University’s academic year is based on two semesters. the first is approx 1st October – 31st January and the second is approx 1st March –first week of July with Christmas, Easter and Whit holidays. Please note that in February no courses are held, although exams my be held.

The Erasmus Welcome is held on the first day of each semester at 5 p.m. in the Aula of the old University building. Information on Registration, German Language Courses and a get-together with Innsbruck students, especially buddies for support are offered.


Most of the courses are held in German. A full list of studies at the University of Innsbruck can be found under:

Detailed information about the courses can be found on our University website: for the course catalogue. Should the information you need not yet be available please use the information of the previous year as a general guideline and contact your Departmental Coordinator in Innsbruck for confirmation. At the University of Innsbruck the system is fairly flexible, but participation in courses may be subject to preconditions or restrictions in some cases.

Teaching System

The teaching system is defined by various courses: lectures (VO), practical exercises (UE), a combination of lecture and practical exercise (VU), proseminars (PS) and seminars (SE) which last one semester. Most lectures are held in units of two hours a week (1 hour = 45 minutes). Registration is not always necessary for lectures and attendance may not be mandatory but advisable. Practical exercises vary depending on the subject, the emphasis is on active participation. Seminars are mainly group discussions on an advanced level. Students write and present papers which serve as a basis for discussion.  In proseminars students acquire basic knowledge of work on academic/scientific papers by active participation.

The ECTS system has been introduced and is used by the University of Innsbruck.

Assessment is generally made by either an oral / written exam or by a paper. The assessment is made in grades (1 very good, 2 good, 3 satisfactory, 4 sufficient, 5 not sufficient/fail).

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