Studying in Innsbruck: Information for Incoming Erasmus+ Students


On our website for Erasmus Incomings we have tried to collect all the information you will need before coming to Innsbruck, and of course during your stay here.  

Our International Student Guide is offered in English, German and French so as to reach as many of you as possible. Please read it carefully, it is worth taking the time! 

You will find information on, and links for, applying for accommodation and admission.
On the official first day of term we hold an Erasmus Welcome for all of you in order to inform and to bring you together with other Erasmus incomings and with local students.  

Here, on this Website, you will also find an academic calendar, a list of our Erasmus Departmental Coordinators as well as the course catalogue.

If you are coming for one semester, we would highly recommend you to come for the second semester, due to the very difficult housing situation in the winter semester. Ski and winter sport enthusiasts should know that snow conditions will be good and most ski resorts will be open until mid-, end of April.

Information for Incoming Erasmus Students regarding COVID-19

The University of Innsbruck is adapting to the situation in order to help fight the spread of COVID-19 infections. The University is not closed, however, we have switched to remote teaching and home office work and remain available via email and phone.

Because the current situation changes almost every day, we understand that you have questions, especially the students that are planning to start an exchange semester or year in Innsbruck, starting with the Winter Semester 2020/21. We have compiled the most frequent questions and will be updating this page with new information. Do you have a question about the situation that is not covered below? Please feel free to contact us via!


About the situation in Austria 

Due to the strict measures taken by the Austrian Federal Government at the very start of the crisis, Austria can now be considered to have the situation under control.

Up-to-date information about the situation and current measures can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health (, the Ministry of Social Affairs ( and the WHO ( 

Measures taken by the University of Innsbruck 

Information on the situation in Innsbruck and current measures can be found on the following website:

About Winter Semester 2020/21 and preparations 

We are working on the assumption that we will be able to welcome you to Innsbruck for the Winter Semester 2020/21. If anything changes we will let you know.

All relevant semester Dates can be found here:

Admission of incoming students 

Will the University of Innsbruck accept incoming Erasmus students for the winter semester 2020/21?
As things stand now, we are planning on accepting incoming Erasmus students for the winter semester 2020/21 as usual. If the situation changes, we will contact you immediately. Please also continue to monitor the University’s COVID-19 information.

I'm not sure if I should come to Austria now due to the risks. I need more time to think about it. Can I decide later?
We strongly recommend that you submit your online application on time. You can of course cancel your exchange later. If you do so, please make sure to inform your Departmental Coordinator as well as Incoming Coordinator at the University of Innsbruck and the responsible person at your home University.

Can I delay my Erasmus+ exchange to the summer semester 2021 instead? 

Contact the responsible person at your home university and ask them if it is possible to change your nomination to the spring semester. Please also contact to make sure this is possible and we are informed about this as well.

When should I buy my tickets? 

Due to the international uncertainty, we would recommend that you wait as long as possible. We encourage you to make sure that your tickets are refundable.



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