PhD in Computer Science

Interactive Graphics and Simulation Group
Innsbruck, Austria


Noura Hamze

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Interactive Graphics and Simulation Group (IGS) led by Prof. Matthias Harders at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Currently, I am working on a D-A-CH project entitled "PROSUP", and funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF on the analysis and simulation of the distal forearm stability during pro-supination for improved surgical planning.

Before, I was a researcher and teaching fellow at the University of Strasbourg, France where I fulfilled my PhD in computer science with the Computer Graphics and Geometry (IGG) research group led by Prof. Dominique Bechmann at ICube laboratory. My thesis work was directed by Dr. Caroline Essert.

I am generally interested in most areas of computer graphics for surgical purposes. In particular, I focus on geometric modeling, physically-based simulations, geometric constraints solving and optimization techniques. I worked on different domains including neurosurgery, percutaneous procedures and forearm surgery. Beside my research activities, I’m also involved in teaching since 2013 and was charged in a number of courses in both the University of Strasbourg and the University of Innsbruck.



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