Guidelines for Bachelor Students in
Computer Science


The Bachelor in Computer Science is a full-time Programme 

The Bachelor of Computer Science is designed as a full time programme and it is not organised in a way to fully accomodate students who already work. Almost all lectures are held during the day from Monday to Friday. It depends on time flexibility of the students whether or not work and study can both be accomodated at the same time.

Compulsory attendance applies to all lectures where course work is continually assessed like Proseminars (PS), Studies Orientation Course (SL), Seminars (SE) and Practical Courses (PR).

Commencing to Study during the Summer Semester 

Basically it is possible to commence the Bachelor of Computer Science program during the Summer Semester. We do however encourage you to start during the Winter Semester, because the recommended study progress is designed in that way.

In the summer semester, only the StEOP courses of the first semester are offered to their full extend (including examination dates). The lectures are offered as online courses with video recordings and a moderated discussion forum.

* Introduction to Programming VO
* Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science VO + SL


Studies Induction and Orientation Stage (STEOP) - BA Curriculum 2019W

During the Studies Induction and Orientation Stage, the following course examinations must be completed satisfactorily:

  1. Introduction to Programming VO 3 (4,5 ECTS-Credits)
  2. Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science VO 2 (3 ECTS-Credits)
  3. Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science SL 1 (2 ECTS-Credits)

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Lecture Examinations 

For lectures, where grades are based on a single examination at the end of the lecture, three examination dates are offered within a period of two semesters. The examination dates and the link to the registration/cancellation are available at the course catalogue at the respective lecture.

There are generally deadlines for registration and cancellation from lecture examinations:

  • Start of registration:
    5 weeks before the examination
  • End of registration:
    2 weeks before the examination (late registrations via e-mail will not be considered!)
  • End of cancellation:
    48 hours before the examination

If you fail to appear without providing valid reason, you are not permitted to take the
examination at the next examination date.

We strongly suggest to complete the examinations directly after completing the respective lecture!


Repetition of Course Examinations 

The third and fourth repetition (= fourth and fifth attempt) of a course examination must be held as a board examination if the examination is conducted as a single examination (e.g. lecture exam). The student may also request that for the second repetition (= third attempt) of a course examination. The student must complete the form ‘Antrag um Zulassung zur Dritten und Vierten Wiederholung zu einer Lehrveranstaltungsprüfung’ (Request for admission to the third an fourth repetition of a lecture exam) and submit it to the Examination Office at least two weeks before the examination. The form and more information are available on the website of the examination offices.

The Examination Board is selected in consultation with the lecturer according to these requirements. Students are entitled during registration to express preference for a particular examiner (Satzung § 19). The Exams Office will obtain the signature of the Director of Studies.

At the start of each semester, the teachers must inform the students of the examination method of their courses (written/oral). The determined examination method of a course does not change, if the examination is held by an examination board, except a student provides evidence of long-term disability that makes it impossible for him/her to take an examination in the prescribed form (Satzung § 22).

The students are not entitled to an individual examination date, but the determined examination dates of a course must be taken. Individual agreements between students and assessors concerning the scheduling of examinations are permitted.

Failed continuous assessment courses are to be repeated in their entirety.

It is recommended to contact the student representatives.


Procedure for the allocation of places for lectures with a limited number of participants 

This procedure is regulated in the Curriculum § 8.

Registered students who are not present in the first lecture of a lecture with continuous assessment have no right for a place in that lecture!

Legal Basis

Curriculum BA Informatik 2019W

Curriculum BA Informatik 2007W

Universitätsgesetz 2002

Satzungsteil ‘Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen’ (Satzung)


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Moser is the Dean of Studies at the MIP Faculty.

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