6th Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security 2018

Scientists from the Universities of Innsbruck and Trento organised the 6th "Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security". From 20-22 of June, Innsbruck was the hosting city of workshops on information hiding and multimedia security topics.

How to hide data and find it again

Since 2013, the Association for Computing Machinery, a global non-profit learned society for computing, annualy hosts  the „Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security“, the internationally leading conferece in the field of multimedia security. In 2018, a cooperation between the Department of Computer Science (Universtiy of Innsbruck) and the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (University of Trento) brought the workshop to Innsbruck.

About 60 international experts from academia, industry and governmental institutions took the opportunity to present their work, exchange newest research approaches and discuss novel industrial and commercial applications of techniques and algorithms developed in this area.

The focus of the workshops generally lies in the field of information hiding topics, such as digital watermarking, steganography, steganalysis, anonymity, hard-to-intercept communications, or covert/subliminal channels. But also a variety of multimedia security topics are covered, such as multimedia identification and authentication, signal forensics, and biometrics.

At this year's workshop, the use of artificial intelligence was the main focus topic. Prof. Dr. Giulia Boato from the Institut DISI in Trento pointed out another highlight: "Prof. Ross Anderson from Cambridge University, the founder of this whole line of research, gave a keynote at the workshop. His talk about covert channels and plausible deniability of communication was most insightful." In times of global surveillance of digital networks, those topics are of uttermost importance, i.a. for journalists or NGOs working in conflict areas. 

For the full programm, please visit: IH&MMSec 2018
(All research results can be downloaded there for free)

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