2018-12-12: SlideWiki

Computer Science Students Win SlideWiki's Open Courseware Competition

The EU Project SlideWiki is an open courseware tool that aims to exploit the creativity of the crowd for the creation of qualitative educational content. Every year, the SlideWiki Comsortium chooses the best learning materials’ samples from the competition entries. This year, Master students from the reseach group STI are among the winning teams.

Pedratscher Stefan, Plattner Michael and Tschol Thomas are currently in their Master's Study of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. Their team won 2018s SlideWiki’s OpenCourseWare Competition, a competition that invites participants to create and import high-quality educational content in the SlideWiki platform. 

This educational content in form of slide presentations will be directly related to secondary education, vocational and professional training, higher education and/or community-driven open-education with contributions from academics, teachers and learners with disabilities.

Encouraged by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Anna Fensel and Umutcan Simsek, two of their lecturers at the Department of Computer Science, the Master students participated at the Competition and won straight away. In their interview with SlideWiki, they talk about their experiences while working on their project, the challenges they had been facing and which target groups could best benefit from the platform.

2018-12-12: SlideWiki Gewinner

The Department of Computer Science congratulates them on their success!


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